I haven’t completed any of the tasks I set out to do today. All I’ve done is eat junk food and watching music documentaries on Netflix. It has truly been a lazy afternoon….

Been listening to so much R&B lately. Hell, just slower music in general. I don’t know what’s wrong with me.


You should be equally as angry at Outkast for choosing Coachella to be their reunion show.

The average person at the event in general is what, 18-25 years old? Outkast is out there performing songs that are 11 to 20 years old. Do you really blame people for not getting hype to a song that came…

I agree with the first sentence. OutKast (like most hip-hop acts during festival season) seemed out of place.

One could argue that the rest of what you said has less to do with age and more to do with the reverence of rap music, which very easily could be turned into a “black vs. white” thing for all of the most rational and irrational reasons.

I don’t post enough metal on here.

I don’t understand the fixation with interracial relationships.

This is one of those songs I hate myself for enjoying.